Astronomical observatory - Department
"Remote Sensing of Planets" (RSP)

RSP information

    Principal directions of research:

(1) development of theoretical and experimental models of light scattering in regolith-like media;
(2) analysis of optical and radar data on planetary surfaces obtained by earth-based telescopes and spacecrafts.
    Basic results obtained in the Department:
Works of researchers of the department were awarded by the State Prize of Ukraine (1986) and Barabashov Prize of the Ukrainian National Academy of Sciences (1997).

Now the department works in close collaboration including  joint grants with many scientists, e.g.: C. Pieters and J. Head (Brown University, USA ),  R. Nelson (JPL, USA), P. Helfenstein (Cornell University, USA), K.Muinonen and J. Piironen (Helsinki Astronomical Observatory, Finland), G. Arnold and H. Hoffmann (DLR, Germany),  P.Pinet (Observatoir Midi-Pyrenees, France).