RSP lunar data

The Moon Nearside
Digital images of albedo of the lunar nearside at different wavelength:
All images stored in raw format. Click here to find description of  format and details of projection and coordinate system of albedo images.

The following article describes new digital images of the lunar nearside albedos at 0.42, 0.65, 0.75, and 0.95 mm derived from telescopic data, and their using to map the abundance and distribution of iron, titanium, and maturity degree.

Digital images of polarimetric parameters of the lunar nearside:

 a.raw (387,760 bytes) - B = disk brightness distribution at l=0.42 mm, %*1000
 b.raw (387,760 bytes) - A = equigonal albedo,  %*1000
 c.raw (387,760 bytes) - P = polarization degree,  %*100
 d.raw (387,760 bytes) - Q = second Stokes parameter Q=A*P,  %*%*100
 e.raw (387,760 bytes) - d = particle size,  microns*100
 f.raw (387,760 bytes) - dc = particle size corrected by releif,  microns*100

Polarimetric and Photometric Properties of the Moon (including images above) have discussed in the following article.


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