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In fact, the history of astrometry in Kharkov is the history of the Kharkov observatory. Scientific work, in the strict sense of the meaning, in the Kharkov University started after installation of the Repsold instrument in the Kharkov observatory in 1886. With the help of this instrument observations by Levitskiy, G. V., Struve, L. O., Evdokimov, N. N., Gerasimovic B. P., Barabashov, N. N., Kudrevich B. I. Kavraiskiy V. V., Ostaschenko-Kudryavtsev, B. P, Mikailov, V. A., and many others were carry out in different times. During XXth century a participation in building fundamental coordinate system by meridian methods and in universal time determination was the main goal of the laboratory.

At the present time the laboratory works in following areas:

  • creation of high-precision catalogues of positions and proper motions of stars;
  • studying kinematical and statistical regularities of our Galaxy;
  • positional and fotometric observations of comets, occultations and variable stars.

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