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1999-2004 Astronomical Institute of Kharkov University. Department of Solar, Lunar and Planetary Physics

Observations technique, Instruments, Data processing. Publications

V.V.Korokhin, L.A.Akimov, G.P.Martchenko, O.M.Starodubtseva (1993) OBSERVATIONS OF JUPITER, THE MOON AND THE SUN WITH THE ONE-DIMENSIONAL CCD DETECTOR. Astronomicheskii Vestnic, 1993, v.25, No 3, pp.56-64 [Solar System Research (Engl. transl.), 1993, v.25, No 3, pp.252-259]

The photopolarimetric complex, which was made on the basis of a one-dimensional CCD, is described. It was used for the following astrophysical investigations: polarization observations of Jupiter, mapping the Lunar surfase physical characteristics, making the Solar images in the K CA II, H and He I 10830 A spectral lines.

V.G.Vakulik, A.P.Zheleznyak, V.V.Korokhin, V.V.Konichek, E.A.Pluzhnik (1994) FAST MICROPHOTOMETER OF THE ASTRONOMICAL OBSERVATORY OF THE KHARKOV UNIVERSITY. Kinematika Fizika Nebeshykh Tel, 1994, v.10, No 2, pp.107-112

Fast microphotometer with one-dimensional CCD for fast photometry of photographic images is described. Optical and electric schemes are discussed. Main phototechnical characteristics are presented. The results of processing Mars composite images in B, V, R passbands demonstrate the device possibilities.

Korokhin V.V., Beletsky S.A, Velikodsky Yu.I., Konichek V.V., Sinelnikov I.E. THE EXPERIENCE OF CCD-PHOTODETECTORS USING ON KHAO "Kinematika i fisika nebesnykh tel.",-2000. -v.16, No1. -p.80-86. , in Russian.

Some features of CCD-detectors using for astrophysical observations of the Moon, the Sun and planets are considered. New photopolarimeter on the base of CCD-camera is created on KhAO. The device description and test observation results are shown. The program complex is developed for automation of observations and primary processing of the digital images.

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