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1999-2004 Astronomical Institute of Kharkov University. Department of Solar, Lunar and Planetary Physics

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Lunar Research

1. History

2. Our publications

3. Main lines of our research:

Lines of research Works
Light reflection by the Moon

Mapping of the Phase Parameters of the Lunar Surface Brightness (1994-1997)

Influence of Albedo and Relief on Lunar Photometric Function (1997-2002)

Polarization of the Moon and other atmosphereless bodies

Mapping the Parameters of Maximum of Positive Polarization of the Moon (since 2001)

A Model of Positive Polarization of Regolith (since 2003)

Remote sensing of the lunar surface

Photometric and Polarimetric CCD-Observations of the Moon (since 1992)

Developing of methods of complex computer analysis of multi-parameter data (since 2003)

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