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Lunar research

Lunar photometric function studying. Our works constitute an important part of scientific investigations of light reflection by moon-like rough surfaces. We have obtained an effective lunar photometric function which works in wide range of phase angles... >>
Remote sensing the lunar surface. We develope methods of complex computer analysis of multi-parameter data of CCD-observations. A software realizing these methods may be used by investigators for forecasting physical and chemico-mineralogical properties of the lunar surface by processing lunar photopolarimetry data... >>

Planetary research

Studuing of physical conditions of Jovian atmosphere. We make an unique work of studying seasonal and longitudinal variations of north-south asymmetry of Jupiter polarization. Data of the 23-years polarimetric observations let us study the aerosols of Jovian atmosphere.We present the mechanism of negative polarization origin at the Jupiter polar regions. To study the thin effects in the Jupiter atmosphere we researching the Jupiter atmosphere light reflection law... >>
Planetary cartography. We have obtained the formulas of transformation between coordinates on image plane, planetocentric and photometric coordinates for the planets of arbitrary shapes... >>

Solar research

Solar Activity Monitoring & Solar-Terrestrial Relationships. We observe the Sun in different spectral ranges and use speace ships data for real-time monitoring of the solar activity... >>
Investigations of Low and Middle Solar Chromosphere. We obtain realible data about structure and physical conditions of solar chromosphere by analysis of cinematographic observations of full solar eclipces with height resolution 20 km and by CCD-observations in He I 1083nm line... >>
Studing of global solar characteristics variations. We research how solar formations (faculae, mesogranulation, darkening) and photosphere characterictics vary during solar activity cycles... >>

Solar research

Astronomical Image Processing Software. Our system IRIS is a program complex for processing and analysis of large arrays of astronomical data. IRIS is a researcher's toolbox to solve a lot of concrete problems: from automation of observations to data processing with algorithms of any complexity... >>
Automation of Experiments. We have a wide experience of development and using CCD-photopolarimeters during more than 13 years. Our instruments and software are working in astronomical and geophysical data collection systems... >>

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