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Astronomical software “xIRIS Framework”

Korokhin V.V., Shalygin E.V., Velikodsky Yu.I.

IRIS system is a program complexfor processing and analysis of large arrays of research data (in particular, images). IRIS is a researcher's toolbox to decide a lot of concrete problems. System IRIS is oriented, first of all, on the researcher - a scientist, engineer, graduate student, student etc.

Present-day programm version (was named «xIRIS») has been realized on platform .NET and it is a library of component for application software. «xIRIS» classes which assigned to astronomical problems stadying extend the extensive .NET class library. Also presented distribution programm packet include few finished application program.

Basic principles

  • Maximal automation of routine procedures (parameters inputting, visualization of results, configuring, developing the UI).
  • Multi-configuring (customizability on the user’s preferences and specificity of solved scientific problem).
  • Maximal orientation on standards (FITS).
  • Orientation on programming researcher.
  • Several levels of using: from “beginners” to “experts”.
  • Multi-platform (.NET for Windows; Mono for Windows, Linux, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS X etc.)
  • Using of modern programming technologies (C#, .NET).
  • Compatibility with our previous software (IRIS, IRIS.NE).
  • Open architecture (system is very extensible).
  • License cleanness. xIRIS is fully free (BSD license, open source).

Using the xIRIS

  • Using the ready applications, developed on the xIRIS basis.
  • Building the steps chains without programming (Launcher).
  • Development of applied procedures on the basis of xIRIS classes library (using the ready steps and applied libraries).
  • Development of applied libraries for data processing (extension of xIRIS classes library).
  • Real, any level programming without any restrictions.

xIRIS source:

Download compiled xIRIS:

[ver. 15.10.26 - ZIP 8.2 МБ]

[ver. 15.03.10 - ZIP 7.7 МБ]

[ver. 14.12.15 - ZIP 7.7 МБ]


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