Results of laboratory measurements of meteorites and terrestrial silicates

Laboratory measurements were carried out at the photometer-polarimeter of Institute of Astronomy of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Phase curves of brightness and polarization were obtained for each sample in the phase angle range from 1 deg to 20-30 deg (Lupishko D.F. and Belskaya I.N. Icarus, v. 78, p. 395, 1989). All samples were crushed and had a similar texture with particle sizes ≤50 microns. Albedos of samples were measured at the phase angle of 5 deg.

Name CompositionAlbedo
Sikhote-Alin Iron: Fe, Ni0.17
Chinge Iron: Fe, Ni 0.19
Pilistvere Enstatite chondrite, E6 0.16
Okhansk Olivine-bronzite, H4 0.21
Zhovtnevyi Khutor Olivine-bronzite, H5 0.34
Saratov Olivine-hyperstene, L4 0.24
Sevriukovo Olivine-hyperstene, L4 0.10
Tsarev Olivine-hyperstene, L4 0.12
Orgueil Carbonaceous, C1 0.10
Staroe Boriskino Carbonaceous, C2 0.08
Cold Bokkeveld Carbonaceous, C2 0.10
Staroe Pes'ianoe Achondrite (obrite) 0.51
Yurtuk Achondrite (hovardite) 0.37
Enstatite MgSiO3 0.42
Bronzite pyroxene, 10-20% FeSiO3 0.37
Hypersthene pyroxene, >20% FeSiO3 0.52
Hedenbergite Monopyroxene 0.35
Olivine Olivine 0.30