Polarimetry of transneptunian objects

Polarimetry is a powerful tool for investigating the physical properties of Solar system bodies, providing a way to assess the microscopic properties of the surface using remote observations. We participate in the project on study of polarimetric properties of transneptunian objects and Centaurs in cooperation with Armagh Observatory (UK) and Paris Observatory. Observations Measurements of linear polarization is carried out with the FORS1 instrument at 8-m ESO-VLT. Results of our observations can be found in:

Belskaya I.N., Levasseur-Regourd A-C., Shkuratov Y.G., and Muinonen K. (2008). Surface Properties of Kuiper Belt Objects and Centaurs from Photometry and Polarimetry. In: The Solar system beyond Neptune (Barucci A.M.. et al., Eds), Univ. Arizona Press, pp. 115127. pdf

Belskaya I.N., Bagnulo S., Barucci M.A., Muinonen K., Tozzi G.P., Fornasier S., Kolokolova L. (2010). Polarimetry of Centaurs (2060) Chiron, (5145) Pholus and (10199) Chariklo. Icarus 210, p. 472-479. pdf