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Astronomical Observatory of Kharkiv State University (at present Institute of Astronomy of Kharkiv National University) was the first observatory in the former Soviet Union initiated systematic astrophysical investigations of asteroids. Photometric observations of asteroids were started in 1977 in collaboration with N.N. Kiselev and G.P. Chernova from the Institute of Astrophysics of the Academy of Sciences of Tajikistan. Polarimetric observations of asteroids were started in 1984 in collaboration with N.M. Shakhovskoj and Yu.S. Efimov from Crimean Astrophysical Observatory. Since 1983 observations of asteroids have been carried out at the Chuguev Observational Station. The department of Physics of Asteroids was organized in 1993 (Department of Physics of Asteroids and Comets since 2005) by D.F. Lupishko. At present our investigations cover main belt asteroids, Near-Earth objects, Hilda group asteroids, Jupiter Trojans, comets (since 1996), and transneptunian objects (since 2003). Researchers of our Department have published more than 350 scientific papers, defended 8 PhDs and 3 Doctor of Scienceís theses.

  • Near-Earth asteroids
  • Main belt asteroids
  • Hilda group
  • Trojans
  • “ransneptunian objects
  • Comets
Our publications

Researches of our department publish every year about 10-15 papers in refereed journals and 20-30 abstracts at international conferences.


Our asteroids:
  • 3210 Lupishko, named by E. Bowell (USA) in honor of D.F. Lupishko
  • 8786 Belskaya, named by C.-I. Lagerkvist (Sweden) in honor of I.N. Belskaya
  • 17034 Vasylshev, named by E. Bowell (USA) in honor of V.G. Shevchenko
  • 17035 Velichko, named by E. Bowell (USA) in honor F.P. Velichko
  • 17036 Krugly, named by E. Bowell (USA) in honor of Yu.N. Krugly
  • 79472 Chiorny, named by P. Pravec (Czech Republic) in honor of V.G. Chiorny
  • 15898 Kharasterteam (KHARkov ASTERoid TEAM), named by P. Pravec and L. Sarounova (Czech Republic) in honor of Kharkov Asteroid Department.