Irina Belskaya

Address: Sumska str. 35, Kharkiv, 61022, Ukraine

Tel: (+38) 057 7077470

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Head of the Department of Physics of Asteroids and Comets, Institute of Astronomy, Kharkiv National University
Professor of Department of Astronomy of Kharkiv National University


Academic degrees

2008 - Doctor of Science, Kyiv, Main Astronomical Observatory of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Ukraine

1987 - Ph. D., Physics and Mathematics Sciences, Main Astronomical Observatory of Ukrainian Academy of Sciences, Kyiv, Ukraine

1980 - M. Sci., Astronomy, Kharkiv State University, Ukraine


Membership of Professional Societies


Grants and awards

2010 – Ukrainian State Prize of Ukraine in Science and Technology for the work “Advancement of theoretical foundation, development and application of polarimetric techniques and instrumentation for remote sensing studies of Solar System objects by ground-based, aircraft, and spacecraft means”

2010 – The Basic Science Book Award by the International Academy of Astronautics for the book “Polarimetric remote sensing of Solar System objects”

2009 – Marie Curie International Fellowship

2008 – Grant of the International Space Science Institute (Switzerland)

2008 – Award of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

2003 – Grant of the European Space Agency

2000 – Grant of the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)

1992 – Fellowship of the Swedish Institute

1992 – Grant of the American Astronomical Society


Field of research

- Solar System bodies: physical properties of asteroids and transneptunian objects

List of selected publications:

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