The Library of Institute of Astronomy

Our library contains mainly astronomical books and journals, and also books on mathematics, physics and geodesy. The total fund is currently about 40 000 units, including 8729 books (1543 books in foreign languages), a large collection of atlases of the sky and astronomical catalogs.

Particular historical importance presents books published before 1917, including publication of the 18th and 19th centuries, such as Delambre M. Astronomie theorique et pratique. T.I,II,III. - Paris, 1814; Eulers L. Einleitung in die Analysis des Unendlichen Aus dem lateinischen übersezt und mit Anmerkungen und zutasseln beleiet von J.A.G.Michelsen. Bd 1,2,3.- Berlin, 1788-91; Struve O. Narratio de paralaxii stellare α  Lyrae. - Petropoli,1857; as well as several manuscript books on astronomical courses.

The Library of Institute of Astronomy stores books from personal collections of Struve family, academician N.P. Barabashov (1894-1971), professor of Kharkiv National University Yu.V. Alexandrov (1934-2016).