Research staff of the Institute of Astronomy and the Department of Astronomy consists of 38 researchers, including 7 doctors of science and 15 candidates of science (PhDs). The Institute of Astronomy is located in two sites. The main office is in the center of Kharkov near the University, and  the Chuguyev Observation Station of the Institute of Astronomy is sitiated in 70 km southeast from Kharkov.

The Institute of Astronomy  has the following departments:
* Department of Astrophysics, (The chief  is Dr. A.P. Zheleznyak).
Laboratory of Astrometry (The chief is Prof. P.N.Fedorov);
* Department of physics of asteroids and comets (The chief  is Prof. I.N.Belskaya);
* Department of remote sensing of planets (The chief  is the correspondent member of NANU, Prof. Yu.G.Shkuratov);
* Department of physics of the Sun, the Moon and planets (The chief  is Dr. V.V.Korokhin).

Institute of Astronomy has the library with more than 40000 scientific books and jornals, including books from V. N. Karazin and L.O.Struve's private libraries.



The main instruments of the Institute of Astronomy are the 70-cm telescope AZT-8, a spectroheliograph and a Solar telescope AFR-2.

Scientific observation programs are carried out also at telescopes of


Researchers of Institute of Astronomy are members of the International Astronomical Union, the European Astronomical Society and the American Astronomical Society. 36 objects of Solar system are named in honor of Kharkiv astronomers.