CHUGUYIV OBSERVATIONAL STATION OF THE RESEARCH INSTITUTE of Astronomy of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University after the Russian occupation: The war "blinded" university astronomy

The Chuguyiv observational station is located near the village of Ivanovka, region of Chkalovske, Kharkiv district. The station serves as the host of practice of students-astronomers of the university and the basis for research work funded by the state budget and research grant. For 60 years of its existence, the station has been used for the successful implementation of numerous research projects of national and international level.

The station contains:

The russian occupation of the station by russian troops and illegal russian-led military groups took place in the period of April - September 2022. Employees of the Research Institute of Astronomy were able to visit the station at the end of October 2022. The results of checking the state and condition of the station were shocking.
(See the detailed review - in "Poligon_2022eng.pdf".)

All the premises of the station were broken and robbed.

Local electricity grids and water supply systems are critically damaged.

All personal computers, servers and storage systems have been stolen or damaged.

All equipment of the local computer network and Internet connection was stolen.

The AZT-8 tower, astronomical pavilions, laboratory and residential building are partially damaged by debris. Electric drives of the roofs of the pavilions are stolen, their control units are stolen or broken.

In the AZT-8 tower and all the observation pavilions, the doors were broken, the operators' rooms were robbed, control computers and control / power supplies were stolen. AZT-8 accessories have been moved and damaged, all equipment of the automatic video-spectral meteor patrol has been stolen.

Light detectors: Three scientific CCD cameras of Finger Lakes Instrumentation (ML4710, ML0900, PL1001E), WATEC 902H2 TV cameras and QHY CCD camera were stolen or destroyed.

Coherent optical image processor is an object of National Heritage of Ukraine: broken/stolen optical and laser equipment, control and measuring equipment.

Turning, grinding and drilling machines were stolen from the station's workshop.

Thus, as a result of the occupation, the functioning of the Chuguyiv observational station was completely stopped. The occupation of our station by the russian invaders "blinded" university astronomy, destroyed the research infrastructure, which was created and developed by several generations of astronomers. Kharkiv astronomers face the extremely difficult task of restoring the functioning of the station, so the support of the educational and scientific community at the national and international level is critically necessary in these difficult times.

We announce a fundraising for two projects:

1. Obtaining of astronomical instruments
We should resume observations within the framework of research programs that are carried out at the Research Institute of Astronomy. To do this, we need to purchase critically needed light detectors, computer, network and other equipment for a total amount of UAH 6,000,000 (~150 thousands of US dollars).
2. Restoration of the infrastructure of observation station
We plan to carry out urgently necessary current and subsequent major repairs and restoration works of all structures of the station (power supply, water supply, heating, communications) for a total amount of UAH 1,600,000 (~40 thousands of US dollars).

We call on all interested people, organizations, and companies to support our initiative through contributions to the Chuguyiv Observational Station Restoration Fund, or in any other convenient way. These funds are necessary for the restoration of observational base with the aim of further full-fledged functioning of the Research Institute of Astronomy of V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University.

Help us restore everything that has been carefully created by generations of Kharkv astronomers over many decades!

Bank details for charitable contributions:

Contributions in national currency (UAH):
Public organization
Ukrainian Astronomical Association,
04053, m. Kyiv, vul. Observatory, 3,
MFI 305299 ZKPO 14288097
In the "Purpose of payment" field, be sure to indicate "Charitable assistance for the restoration of the Chuguyiv observational station."

Foreign currency contributions (Euro):

company Name : UAA
IBAN Code : UA493007110000026005052661527
Company address : 3, Observatorna, Kyiv Ukraine 040533

Correspondent banks
Account in the correspondent bank : 400886700401
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank : COBADEFF
Correspondent bank : Commerzbank AG, Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Account in the correspondent bank : 6231605145
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank : CHASDEFX
Purpose of payment: haritable endowment for restoration of the Chuguyiv observational station

Foreign currency contributions (US dollar)

ompany Name: NGO Ukrainian Astronomical Association
IBAN Code: UA473052990000026033016209070
Company address : 3, Observatorna, Kyiv Ukraine 040533

Correspondent banks
Account in the correspondent bank: 001-1-000080
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: CHASUS33
Correspondent bank: JP Morgan Chase Bank, New York ,USA
Account in the correspondent bank: 890-0085-754
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: IRVT US 3N
Correspondent bank: The Bank of New York Mellon, New York, USA
Account in the correspondent bank: 36445343
SWIFT Code of the correspondent bank: CITI US 33
Correspondent bank: Citibank N.A., NEW YORK, USA

Purpose of payment: haritable endowment for restoration of the Chuguyiv observational station

We are going to publish the list of donors.
If you wish to be added to this list, please let us know your name and country

List of donors
Name / Title Country
1. Department of physics of small bodies of the Research Institute of AstronomyUkraine
2. Unknown France
3. Unknown Germany
4. Vladimir Psaryov Ukraine
5. Dmytro Lupishko Ukraine
6. Olexander Burlaka, blogger Ukraine
7. Ivan Slyusarev + friends Ukraine
8. Gordienko S.P. Ukraine
9. Seredkina O.V. Ukraine
10. Yurchenko I.V. Ukraine
11. Iskov I.V. Ukraine
12. Kutkov O.E. Ukraine
13. Maigurova N.V. Ukraine
14. Rybak Yu.O. Ukraine
15. Sazhen V. O. Ukraine
16. Ezerska O.V. Ukraine
17. Volozhenko Yu.Yu. Ukraine
18. Yatskiv Ya.S. Ukraine
19. Markus J.S. Ukraine
20. Chernyak O.I. Ukraine
21. Voropayev O.V. Ukraine
22. Kozyr S.M. Ukraine
23. Martynenko V.S. Ukraine
24. Pisarchik D.V. Ukraine
25. Romanyuk O.P. Ukraine
26. Bondarenko V.I. Ukraine
27. Madei O.V. Ukraine
28. Makarenko M.A. Ukraine
29. Boyko V.V. Ukraine
30. Zavalyuck A.M. Ukraine
31. Gedz S.G. Ukraine
32. Poginayko O.P. Ukraine
33. Shevchenko K.S. Ukraine
34. Handoga M.M. Ukraine
35. Svyatovets V.O. Ukraine
36. Voznyi I.M. Ukraine
37. Skoryk A.O. Ukraine
38. Bench A.J. Ukraine
39. Koplun S.V. Ukraine
40. Khatskevich L.V. Ukraine
41. Otryazhyi P.A. Ukraine
42. Shubina O.V. Ukraine
43. Bulavenko K.V. Ukraine
44. Handus T.V. Ukraine
45. Yakymiv V.Ya. Ukraine
46. Mateiko M.O. Ukraine
47. Panasenkov O.O. Ukraine
48. Pozdev A.S. Ukraine
49. Odintsov M.S. Ukraine
50. Polivko O.S. Ukraine
51. Medvedev D.S. Ukraine
52. Obukhovskaya M.M. Ukraine
53. Kislyy A.V. Ukraine
54. Kiselev E.O. Ukraine
55. Pavlenko E.O. Ukraine
56. Posokhin S.O. Ukraine
57. Misechko V.V. Ukraine
58. Artyukhova O.P. Ukraine
59. Ivanechko Yu.M. Ukraine
60. Andryushchuk Yu.V. Ukraine
61. Kuznetsov Yu.O. Ukraine
62. Simchak O.S. Ukraine
63. Troyan V.O. Ukraine
64. Krotkova K.S. Ukraine
65. Osmak E.A. Ukraine
66. Babenko I.I. Ukraine
67. Shestakov D.I. Ukraine
68. Sosonkin M.G. (from the Ukrainian community of Huntsville, Alabama) Ukraine
69. Shybka G.I. Ukraine
70. Duda Yu.Z. Ukraine
71. Sabadash R.V. Ukraine
72. Sukhostavtsev V.V. Ukraine
73. Rudenko P.A. Ukraine
74. Grasevych Yu.O. Ukraine
75. Petrov M.O. Ukraine
76. Kovalev O.Yu. Ukraine
77. Lysiuk O.V. Ukraine
78. Boychik V.V. Ukraine
79. Svinchuk B.V. Ukraine
80. Tikhonkova I.O. Ukraine
81. Korokhina A.V. Germany
82. Iyalovega Mykola European Union
83. Malanchevy Konstantin and Anatasia European Union

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